Healing Practices

We believe at Beautiful & Beloved that healing is a process that must take place within your whole self.
We offer programs and practices that help you integrate Body, Mind, and Spirit into your complete healing experience. 

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Yoga Poses & Flows, Breathwork, and Touch

Connecting breath to movement in the body empowers you to get back in touch with the body you disconnected from during your trauma or illness. When we are living in a body that is constantly triggered, it doesn't give us the space to recover and heal. This can manifest itself in several ways: a body that betrays us by not doing or feeling what we want it to, a body that hurts in heartache or gut wrench, a body that is weak, or a body that looks disgusting in the mirror.

It's easy and understandable to want to disconnect from that body. We are whole beings meant to live in the wholeness of who we're created to be and the body craves wholeness. Amber can help you get back in touch with your body and find the space to let go of traumatic experiences so you can heal. As a Certified Holy Yoga Touch instructor, Amber can lead you to feel like you belong in your body again and what safe, life-giving touch can mean for your healing journey.

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Intention Setting, Getting Curious, and Affirmations

One of the most important phases of healing is noticing our thoughts. What are the words you say to yourself every day? Are they kind? Are they true? Are they helpful? Trauma sets us in cycles of telling ourselves lies, "I am not worthy of protection," "I am unloveable," "I am powerless," "I am never enough," "I am always too much."

These lies manifest in our bodies and our spirits through our health. Healthy thoughts, healthy life. Toxic thoughts, toxic life. The good news is we can affirm greatness, beauty, and strength through setting intentions and speaking affirmations. We will examine our thoughts and get curious about the how, why, and from where these thoughts originate so we can replace lies with truth.

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Meditation, Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, Healing Prayer

The practice of meditation or prayer is important to healing.  When we are quiet and feel peace and safety in our bodies and our minds, then the healing of our spirits is inevitable. There are several modalities of meditation and prayer we can explore together to find one that fits you.


Biblical Study

If God and Jesus are safe spaces for you, we would love to explore the Bible together. The Bible is a gift from God, a gift that brings all of His creation closer to Him. Explore the stories told by Jesus, savor the poems passed down for generations, and join in the sacred dance between humanity and the divine spirit of God. Healing is found in these pages, and we can explore it together.


Essential Oil Regimen

Essential oils can help play a big role in healing mind, body, and spirit. If you are interested in how essential oils can help you, we can explore a regimen together.  Essential oils can help support emotions, hormones, and spirits.