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It all started when...

My sweet friend Megan began teaching me about essential oils, how they not only helped with colds and general health but how they also could help with emotional and mental health as well.  If you know me that was something I was desperately seeking when I joined back in 2014.  She also mentioned being able to use the financial growth as a way to support beautiful & beloved and to get oils into places of need.  Now I was sold.  Completely.

I am not one to ask people to try something if I have not gone first, so to be honest it took about a year of trying the oils, attempting consistency, and truly learning before I began sharing oils with my friends and family.  Here is what happened, oils changed my life; they changed my emotional health, my physical health, and my mental health.  I have seen what an incredible blessing God gave us in these plants, His design was to give us the tools to be well and prosper, so of course he made our bodies compatible with the plant life, of course He made all of His creation to benefit one another.

If you are at all interested in learning how to find health through oils I would love to teach you.  It would be an honor actually.  If you are here looking to find freedom {which I am betting you are} then this is a great place to go deeper with beautiful and beloved.  Contact me below and lets get you a class and some samples and hooked up with a community that will encourage and support you on this journey. 

In Love,   Amber

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