Amber's Story

Why Beautiful and Beloved Exists

Beautiful & Beloved is unapologetically obsessed with giving women the freedom and space they need to heal. Women across all backgrounds face life-shaking tragedy, trauma, and pain, and it's these experiences and situations that can leave even the strongest woman feeling trapped and helpless. We fight to help women believe the most innate truth about ourselves: that each of us are meant to be beautiful and beloved from the day we were born. We fight for the truth that we are each precious, powerful, and filled with untold potential.

If this is your story, we're here for you. If this is the nightmare you're facing, we can be strong for you. If this is the story you never want to talk about, we want you to know you are loved. Welcome to Beautiful & Beloved - there's a place for you.

Start Healing With Beautiful & Beloved

If you're ready to step into the beautiful 'mess' of healing, this is a safe place. We can help you find the healing you need through a number of services we offer through Beautiful & Beloved. Get to know us and our approach to see if Beautiful & Beloved is right for you.

Stories from Beautiful & Beloved students

Beautiful & Beloved gave me new hope to face what happened. I never thought I could move past that moment, but now, I have hope. I can wake up and not be buried in shame and fear. Thank you, Amber, for changing my life!!!!
— Rachel M.
The therapy yoga sessions helped me release the trauma from my body and feel freedom in my mind and soul. It was life-changing.”
— Milana S.
Amber is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever come across, and I do a lot of yoga! She has a way of keeping me grounded with her voice and bringing me back to center every time.”
— Amanda H.
Amber creates a safe, welcoming refuge. Everything from the music to the movement and journaling is well thought through and helpful to healing. I highly recommend stepping into this place of healing with Amber, I fully trust her training, personal experience, knowledge and insight”
— Michelle H.