5 things that will help you be successful at meditation

When I first began a meditation practice, I failed.  Like lots of times I failed.  It was too hard to keep myself focused on one thing for 15 WHOLE MINUTES!!!  I couldn't keep my eyes closed and not fall asleep, I couldn't keep my hands open and not start picking at my face.  I forgot to breathe deeply and every little sound distracted me.  I gave up, I thought meditation was not for me.  The more that I am learning about healing and trauma, the more I am realizing that meditation is an important piece in re-wiring my brain to deal with trauma, it's an important piece of my relationship with God, and it is an important part of connecting my body + mind + heart + soul to live a life that is whole hearted.  So I gave it another shot. 

This time, I decided to set myself up for success.  I decided that I needed to distract my other senses while I meditated.  Here are the top 5 things that I needed to be successful, maybe they can help you too!

PEN AND PAPER :: As you sit and meditate it is inevitable that things you need to do will pop into your head, that is why it is great to have a pad of paper near by so you can jot down what you thought of and let it go knowing that you can come right back.  It's also a great place to jot down what you might hear from God or something that the Holy Spirit reveals to you. 

BREATH WORK:: I personally LOVE to use essential oils while I meditate {so look for another post coming soon}.  Some of my favorites are frankincense, lime, and abundance by young living.  I rub the oils on my hands and cup them over my nose as I inhale and exhale, it helps me to focus on my breath and make certain that deep inhales and exhales are a part of my time.  Another method to make sure you are aware of your breath is called Victorious breath, it is a deep inhale through the nostrils and as you exhale through the nostrils you gently constrict the back of your throat making a noise like the ocean as your breath comes out.  The sound is beautiful and calming and draws your attention to the breath. 

SOOTHING SOUNDS:: A soft soothing sound in the background that is constant will keep you from being distracted.  I love to listen to Tibetan singing bowls but that might be WAY too new age for you.  So a simple white noise maker will work, soft worship music {if you can keep yourself from singing along!}, soft instrumental music anything that soothes and calms your spirit.

SOMETHING TO KEEP MY EYES ON:: I cannot, can.not. keep my eyes closed, that just does not work for me!! So I like to put something mesmerizing in front of me.  That could be a burning incense stick, an oil diffusers smoke, the flame of a burning candle or a fire {all also good smells, bonus}. Try a woodwick candle for a beautiful light and cracking noise that delights all my senses!!

SOMEPLACE COMFY TO SIT::  All of the above will do you no good if you're not comfortable.  Let me say this to you loud and clear, meditation does NOT have to be sitting cross legged on the floor.  Think about your favorite place in the house to curl up and just go there.  Bring a blanket {if your always cold like me}, bring your pen and paper, bring your sounds, and bring your eye candy, and bring your willingness to be changed for the better giving 15 simple minutes a day to God.

If you got this far and you are wondering WHY should I be meditating?? Check out our vlog!

In Love,  Amber

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