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 helping women to connect to their bodies & find beauty in healing

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Coming home to your body is essential to healing and happiness.

This is the way we were made to experience the world.

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Trauma Healing

Connecting breath to movement in the body empowers you to get back in touch with the body you disconnected from during your trauma or illness. When we are living in a body that is constantly triggered, it doesn't give us the space to recover and heal. This can manifest itself in several ways: a body that betrays us by not doing or feeling what we want it to, a body that hurts in heartache or gut wrench, a body that is weak, or a body that looks disgusting in the mirror.

It's easy and understandable to want to disconnect from that body. We are whole beings meant to live in the wholeness of who we're created to be and the body craves wholeness. Amber can help you get back in touch with your body and find the space to let go of traumatic experiences so you can heal. As a Certified Holy Yoga Touch instructor, Amber can lead you to feel like you belong in your body again and what safe, life-giving touch can mean for your healing journey.

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Beautiful & Beloved thrives on helping women heal in three key arenas of life

Spirit // We recognize there are moments and situations in life that are often beyond our control.  For many, that belief is in God, namely the person of Jesus as our Healer. For others, it's in a Higher Power, the Universe, a Greater Being that you find your hope. No matter where you are when it comes to faith, Beautiful & Beloved  is a safe place for you.  Your spirit needs to be fed as much as any other part of your body. Giving your Spirit the space and freedom to express itself and find your faith is often the first step towards true healing. Whatever your beliefs may be, even if the names God and Jesus are a trigger for you, believing in a higher power for healing can help us find forgiveness, peace, and healing from our hurts.

Body // Because trauma is stored in our bodies, somatic healing practices are essential to healing. Beautiful & Beloved  is designed to come alongside you as you walk through the 'ish' of life. Your feelings, experiences, and memories that you suffered often present themselves through your body's signals. Whether it's a specific event or everyday life, connecting with your body will allow you to process through trauma and start healing your body from the inside out. Our goal is to get you so in tune with your body that you can confidently articulate to your counselor, pastor, or therapist exactly what you're experiencing in your body.

Mind // Trauma on the mind can leave our brains stuck on a moment or experience that can poison our thinking. It's so easy to keep believing a lie about who you are as a person. When you're stuck in trauma, your brain can repeat that same lie over and over again. Beautiful & Beloved can rebuke the lie trauma tells so you can focus on what is true and beautiful and powerful about yourself.

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gifts from me to you, to help you on your healing journey


practices that bring you back to your body

Download this guide to unlock practices that will have you connecting on an intimate level with your body and with your creator. Embodiment is important because our bodies are the vessels we were given to experience all of creation by. If we lack connection with our bodies, we lack connection with creation and our creator God. When we fall out of connection, we are unable to live in full joy and abundance, we are unable to feel fully to be completely present in any moment, to love people the way that Jesus calls us to. My prayer is that the practices in this guide will lead you to a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with God, and with your own deepest self.

the practice of re-writing traumatic memories

When we begin a healing journey, one of the most important practices is re-writing our stories. When traumatic things happen, when we are overwhelmed by our emotions, we shove those emotions down to keep ourselves safe. Those emotions need a way to be released, yoga is a great way to move stuck energy through our bodies and healing prayer is a great way to rewrite the story for our brains so those memories can’t put us back in a place of overwhelm where emotions become stuck again. This is a free e-book download to lead you through the process of healing prayer that I recommend before a trauma healing yoga practice.

38 prayers, mantras, and meditations to love your body

Replacing the lies that trauma has taught us can be tricky business, but not impossible. Every day we think more than 60k thoughts, 90% are the same thoughts we had yesterday, and the majority are negative. If we can begin to replace those shadow, negative, thoughts with light, positive, and true thoughts we can begin to actually change our brain biology!! We can let go of rage and anger, we can live fully present in every moment, we can become the truest versions of ourselves. I wrote this PDF on my 38th birthday as a gift. I pray that it brings healing to your hearts and thoughts and light to your world.


Upcoming Retreats & Events


a sacred journey back to you
June 7-9 2019

We are all longing for Shalom. Peace. Wholeness. A sense of belonging.

The word shalom comes from the Hebrew language and it means much more than our translation of “peace.” It is a more holistic word, a word filled with hope that encompasses the experience of harmony, wholeness, wellness, peace, and connectedness to self, God, and creation.

Come take a breath, find rest for your body and soul, and soak in the beauty of creation and your creator.

a yoga flow for the liminal space
Holy Saturday April 20, 2019


teen camp- your body is sacred
August 2019

1 in 9 girls will be sexually assaulted before she is 18. Often times these assaults go unreported, even to close family and friends, but the resulting trauma in the body has effects that last a life time. This will be a week for girls ages 13-18 to remember who they are in their creator. To have a safe space to talk about experiences they may have had and to release any trauma stuck in their bodies. This will be a week to learn how to walk in their feminine power, to learn how sacred and beautiful their bodies are. This will be a week to talk about hard things, to seek after healing, and more than anything to begin the process of loving and respecting their beautiful bodies.