6 practices to build your resilience to trauma

Healing from trauma is a long beautiful and hard journey, but as you go through your healing you are doing so much more, you are actually building up your resilience to trauma. You are learning to sit in your emotions and not be triggered by them, you are becoming familiar with and safe in your body, and you know how to replace the lies of trauma with truth. Here are a few of the practices that getting good at will not only help you to heal from previous trauma, but also help you build resiliency to whatever life happens in the future.

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Radical Self-Care: why you should do it and 6 ideas to get you started

There is no shame in saying, I need help. I need to take care of myself or we are ALL going down!! I also know that it is hard when there is a never ending to-do list to make taking care of yourself a priority so start small. Just pick one thing you can do for yourself everyday, attach it to something you MUST do every day {like get your kids from school or brush your teeth or feed everyone} then you will be sure to remember it and it is more likely to become a habit for you!!

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Releasing Shame: a 3 step start

Trauma is quite the buzz word these days, but what is it and what does it mean?? As a trauma informed yoga therapist I have come to recognize that there are 2 kinds of trauma… the T trauma like abuse, abandonment, loss, etc… and the t trauma which can be things like school bullying and absent parents. Both kinds of trauma can impact your body and both kinds of trauma lead to shame.

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Writing a poem to your body will transform you, here is how you start...

With this practice you can begin to transform not only your body but your spirit and your soul as well. As you let light and truth into the places that have been shrouded in shadow and lies you will begin to see that not only can you love your body, you will see that your body is worth loving and that changes everything. This piece of healing elevates your experience of life. You will no longer tolerate being treated as less than, your confidence will attract people to you who love you for who you are, your relationship to your creator will deepen along with your faith and the strength of your spirit.

Writing a poem to your body will transform you, and it will be beautiful.

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Why Meditation

Wondering why you should meditate??

Try these additional resources as well...

Liturgist Podcast on meditation:: http://www.theliturgists.com/podcast/2015/2/23/episode-14-meditation

Caroline Leaf talk on toxic thoughts: https://youtu.be/0k1EhN93gIU


Some additional resources to help you :)

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