A gift for you!!

Hello Love!

Today is my birthday, and because it’s my birthday I can pretty much do whatever I want and today I want to give you a gift. I want to give you 38 mantras, affirmations, and prayers to help you replace toxic thoughts with life and truth about who you are.

90% of the thoughts you will have today are the same thoughts you had yesterday, and of that 90% most of the thoughts are toxic. When I say toxic I mean that they are thoughts based not in Truth or presence but thoughts based on lies, unforgiveness, anxieties, rage, and these are thoughts that can hurt you on a deep cellular level. Our thoughts are so powerful that they can actually alter our DNA, and change the ways that our bodies function or our cells regenerate. If our thoughts are toxic our bodies, our words, our relationships they all follow suit.

My gift to you today is a beautiful guide that can be printed and hung up or folded and stuffed into a purse, this is a guide full of life giving thoughts that you can use to replace the toxic ones as they come up. Uses this guide daily for the next week or so, then find me on instagram @beautifulandbeloved and let me know what you think. I can’t wait to connect with you more!!

Download Your Beautiful & Beloved Prayers, Mantras, and Affirmations here…

Amber Newberry