6 practices to build your resilience to trauma

Healing from trauma is a long beautiful and hard journey, but as you go through your healing you are doing so much more, you are actually building up your resilience to trauma. You are learning to sit in your emotions and not be triggered by them, you are becoming familiar with and safe in your body, and you know how to replace the lies of trauma with truth. Here are a few of the practices that getting good at will not only help you to heal from previous trauma, but also help you build resiliency to whatever life happens in the future.

ball pose side.jpg
  • Grounding Practices: Reminding yourself of who you are and whose you are while getting fully present in your body. Taking your body outside, feeling your feet planted on the ground.

  • Sacred Space Meditation: Returning often to your sacred space, meeting God there, checking in with yourself and your memories.

  • 4-7-8 breath: Helping you to slow down, turn off your para sympathetic nervous system, and return your body to a state of calm no matter the stress that might be surrounding you.

  • Self Care: Taking time to really listen to the needs of your body and soul and to use your time and resources to provide that care and love to yourself when you need it.

  • Yoga: Moving your body to relieve stress and release the places that trauma has embedded itself into your very DNA is one of my favorite ways to feel strong and resilient in the face of any situation.

  • Read: Read your Bible or Poetry find words that speak to your soul, that give language to your pain and hope to your heart. Memorize them and keep them with you so that you can call on them when you need.

  • Bonus Practice — Community: Build a support system of safe people who know you and will hold space for you to process hard things and when you need it can provide deep insight or prayer or just a dinner for the night. Finding you people is a huge part of living a happy and fulfilled life of purpose.

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In Love and Light,


Amber Newberry