Grounding Meditation Practice


Hello Love!

Do you ever feel wildly out of control? Anxious or depressed, just out of sorts and disconnected? I definitely do! Living a modern life full of busy, hardly getting outside, feeling the need to be constantly productive, sitting at desks and in cars for most of the day can be so hard on our bodies. We were made to be outside, to get our hands dirty in the land, to be with animals and in community, so when we are outside of that our hearts and bodies can get all turned around.

This week one of my private yoga students came in for her session, and she requested that I not make her move at all. She had such a hard week and was battling depression HARD CORE and she just wanted to rest. Of course I complied, but as she rested I asked her to measure her breath, deep inhales and equally deep exhales. Then I led her through a grounding meditation. When she left our hour together, she was light on her feet and full of smiles, she felt wonderful.

That made me think that we could all use a little grounding, a meditation that brought us back to ourselves that we can do anywhere at any time. Here is a recorded grounding meditation. If you can do this outside that is amazing, if you have a grounding mat {like this one from Amazon} that you can place underneath you that is great too! Next you are going to need to get comfortable, for me that is lying down, however, if you are in your office or in public that might not work so just get as comfy as you can. Finally, take a minute to have a little brain dump session before you begin. This means that you take a moment to write down all the things you are thinking about, or stressed about, you make that phone call you have been putting off or do a little work on the project hanging over your head so that you can be fully committed to this practice and this time of grounding.

During this time, especially if you are new to meditation, you might find your mind wandering. That’s fine, and totally normal! Acknowledge that your mind has wandered {without judging yourself or feeling shame} and come back to the meditation.

I hope you enjoy this grounding practice as much as I have! I would love to connect with you over on instagram if you hang out there, find me @beautifulandbeloved and let me know what you thought of this practice! If you do feel like moving your body in a grounding way you can visit this recent post of a grounding yoga practice.

In Love and Light,


Amber Newberry